Football Articles by Doug Drinen

I am a fantasy football fanatic and have run a few studies over the years in an attempt to gain an edge. All these articles have appeared at (the site formerly known as which, incidentally, is far and away the best source of fantasy information online.

Doug Drinen, 2002

2002 Articles

75 Mini-Articles
Random NFL studies and historical notes

2001 Articles

Everybody is an injury risk

Yet another WR breakout article

Double-edged sword
(5/11/2001) - a look at aging patterns.

Three kinds of liars
(5/14/2001) - on the use and abuse of statistics.

Where will they be in four years?
(5/23/2001) - a quick look at how long studs remain studs.

Hay in a needlestack: the search for productive rookie receivers

Building the Perfect Back: 200 years of Edgerrin James

2000 Articles

How important is age?
- an attempt to pin down peak ages for quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers.

What's in store for Torry Holt and James Johnson?
- a look at some players who had rookie seasons similar to Holt and Johnson, and what became of them.

What is a correlation coefficient and what does it have to do with Ty Law?
- a look at which statistics will remain relatively constant from year to year, and which will fluctuate wildly.

Strong starters, fast finishers
- do first half / second half splits tell us anything that full season stats don't?

The bell curve and fantasy football
- a discussion of the fantasy football implications of a statistical method called the correlated gaussian.

After the breakout
- what happens to players the year after they break out?

Are you ready for some .... misinformation?
- do players "get up" for Monday night games?

Keyshawn giveth or Keyshawn taketh away?
- what effect will Keyshawn's departure have on the Jets' running game? What effect will his arrival have on the Bucs' ground attack?

In search of 3rd-year magic
- are receivers likely to "break out"in their 3rd season?

Every stat line tells a story
- just some fun with numbers -- an attempt to find similar players.

The Fake Stuff
- do running backs in general perform better on grass or turf? The answer is a little surprising.

Receivers changing teams
- what happens to WRs who change teams in the offseason?

Fantasy advice: a sad fact I envy
- utter foolishness.

A starting point for your running back projections
- just what the title implies.

- Is it a good idea to load up on players from the same NFL team?