About Our Advanced Stats

Advanced Stats

From the 2018 season forward (stats marked with a * are only from 2019 onward), we are offering the following stats on player, team, and yearly stat pages:

  • Air: Air yards passing and receiving - indicating how far a pass traveled in the air before it was caught
  • IAY: Intended air yards, air yards on all pass attempts, whether complete or incomplete
  • CAY: Completed air yards, yards that a pass traveled beyond the line of scrimmage before being caught
  • ADOT: Average depth of target - indicates how deep the average pass targeted for this player traveled in the air
  • YAC: Yards after catch - receiving yards minus air yards, how far a receiver ran after catching the ball. Note that yards lost or gained on fumbles after the reception are not reflected in this stat, so YAC + Air Yards will not always equal passing/receiving yards, as those do include the fumble yards.
  • Drops: Receiving drops - receptions missed on balls given a reasonable (non-Odell Beckham-level) effort
  • 1D: First downs - first downs this player was responsible for, either passing, rushing, or receiving
  • Bad Throws: By QBs - throws that weren't catchable with normal effort
  • On-Target Throws*: By QBs - throws that would have hit the intended receiving target
  • Batted Pass*: Any pass that is batted down at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield on a rollout
  • Blitzed: Times QBs were blitzed - either 5+ players rushed the QB or a DB rushed the QB
  • Hurried: Times QBs were hurried - defined as a situation when the QB is forced to throw the ball earlier than intended or is chased around/out of the pocket as the result of defensive pressure
  • Hit: Times QBs were hit - occurs when the QB hits the ground after a throw, not marked on a sack play
  • Scrambles: Quarterback scrambles and yards on scrambles (vs. designed quarterback runs)
  • Pocket Time: Number of seconds the quarterback was in the pocket between the snap of the ball and a pass or the collapse of the pocket
  • RPO*: A play in which the quarterback has the option to run (or hand the ball off) or pass the ball, based on his read
  • Play Action*: A play in which a run is faked before the quarterback drops back to pass
  • YBC/YAC: Yards before and after contact - defined as the number of yards gained after first contact from a defender
  • Broken Tackles: both rushing and receiving - the number of times that the runner does something significant to get past/through a defender
  • Defensive Targets: Times targeted as a defender
  • Def. Yards Per Rec: Receiving yards per reception allowed
  • Def. Cmp%/Rating: Completion percentage and passer rating allowed on targets
  • DADOT: Average depth of target as a defender
  • YAC: Yards after catch allowed
  • Blitz: Times brought on a QB blitz
  • Pressures: QB pressures (hurries + knockdowns + sack plays). Note that "sack plays" in this instance include both sacks and assists.
  • Missed tackles: marked when a defensive player should have reasonably brought down the ball carrier but failed to do so

These stats are provided by Sportradar game charting and as such will be updated by 6pm on the Tuesday following the week's games.