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Players who played for multiple teams
Find all the players who played for some combination of teams. Can also request a list of players who played exclusively for those teams.

Player Statistical Milestones
Pick any of our counting stats and find out who is about to climb the all-time leaderboard, or who is about to cross a significant threshold.

Players Born Today
Find all players born today or any other day of the year.

Player Twitter Accounts
Football player Twitter account list.

Random Pages
Search for the term 'Random' or save the link as a bookmark and be sent to a random page on this site.

Player Birthplaces
Find players by the state or country of their birth.

Active Players Born Before A Date
Feeling old? Find active players who were born before a given date.

Players By Uniform Number
Find players by uniform numbers, for a given team or NFL-wide.

Quarterback Wins vs. Each Franchise
See which quarterbacks have beat the most teams in their careers.

Non-Quarterback Passers
All non-quarterbacks to have played after 1960 and thrown a pass in a game.

Non-Skill Position TD Scorers
Non-skill position players to score an offensive TD in a game.

Octopus Tracker - Scored TD & 2pt Conversion
All players since 1994 to score the TD and 2pt conversion in a single possession.

Cups of Coffee
Players with only one game played in their careers.

Multi-Sport Players
Football players who also played other sports professionally.

Pronunciation Guide
A list of all player pronunciations.

Player Linker Tool
Link player names in text for your blog or article.

Teams and Games

Overtime Ties
A list of tied games in the sudden death overtime era (since 1974).

Last Undefeated Team
A list of the last team(s) to be undefeated in every year of the league.

Win Probability Calculator
Input down, distance, score differential, time remaining and yard line to find out what the Win Probability is for that game situation

NFL Passer Rating Calculator
Input attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions to calculate an NFL passer rating.

Standings on Any Date
Find NFL or AFL standings on any date in history.