Starters Table
Pos Player Age Yrs GS Summary of Player Stats Drafted (tm/rnd/yr)
Offensive Starters
QBCharlie Conerly3912766 for 134, 954 yards, 8 td, 7 int, & 14 rushes for 1 yards and 0 td
FBMel Triplett29510124 rushes for 573 yards, 4 td, & 5 catches for 48 yards and 2 td
LEKyle Rote3291142 catches for 750 yards, 10 td
LTRosey Brown*28712
LGDarrell Dess2529
CRay Wietecha*327121 fumble recovered
RGJack Stroud*327121 fumble recovered
RTFrank Youso242121 fumble recovered
REBob Schnelker3271138 catches for 610 yards, 2 td
Defensive Starters
LDEJim Katcavage26480 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
LDTDick Modzelewski29711
RDTRosey Grier*28512
RDEAndy Robustelli*+35912
LLBCliff Livingston306111 interception, 1 fumble recovered
MLBSam Huff*264123 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
RLBHarland Svare307121 interception, 0 fumbles recovered
LCBLindon Crow275123 interceptions, 3 fumbles recovered
RCBDick Lynch242123 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
LSDick Nolan28683 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
RSJimmy Patton*+275126 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered