Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks

  • * indicate playoff appearances
Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks Table
Points Top Players Off Rank Def Rank Overall Rank Simple Rating System
Year Lg Tm W L T Div. Finish Playoffs PF PA PD Coaches AV Passer Rusher Receiver Pts Yds Pts Yds T/G Pts± Yds± out of MoV SoS SRS OSRS DSRS
1931NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets1619th of 101399-86Behman10171110110-10.82.0-8.8-7.3-1.5
1930NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets41319th of 11113321-208Gibson,Behman9110119111-11.61.0-10.5-3.4-7.2
1929NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets10453rd of 1213912811Behman8161161120.6-0.1-0.1-2.72.6
1928NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets11322nd of 101758491Weir4121141105.7-
1927NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets6937th of 12152166-14Youngstrom,Weir,Rogers,Daugherty,Moran617116112-0.8-2.4-3.2-2.0-1.2
1926NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets14121st of 22Won Champ23649187Chamberlin11211112211.0-
1925NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets13706th of 2019016921Chamberlin61101191201.1-
1924NFLFrankford Yellow Jackets11213rd of 18326109217Berryman21811211815.5-