Starters Table
Pos Player Age Yrs GS Summary of Player Stats Drafted (tm/rnd/yr)
Offensive Starters
QBKarl Sweetan251874 for 177, 901 yards, 10 td, 11 int, & 17 rushes for 93 yards and 1 td
HBAmos Marsh286658 rushes for 229 yards, 2 td, & 7 catches for 103 yards and 1 td
FLJohn Henderson242613 catches for 144 yards, 0 td
TERon Kramer3210104 catches for 40 yards, 0 td
LEBill Malinchak2311126 catches for 397 yards, 4 td
LTBill Cottrell23Rook10
LGChuck Walton26Rook131 fumble recovered
CEd Flanagan23214
RGJohn Gordy321014
RTCharlie Bradshaw31914
Defensive Starters
LDEDarris McCord3412141 interception, 1 fumble recovered
LDTAlex Karras329140 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
RDTJerry Rush25214
RDELarry Hand272142 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
LLBErnie Clark304111 interception, 1 fumble recovered
MLBMike Lucci285142 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
RLBWayne Walker319110 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
LCBLem Barney*22Rook1410 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
RCBDick LeBeau308144 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
SSBruce Maher307142 interceptions, 0 fumbles recovered
FSTom Vaughn242111 interception, 2 fumbles recovered