Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks

  • * indicate playoff appearances
Team Records, Leaders, and League Ranks Table
Points Top Players Off Rank Def Rank Overall Rank Simple Rating System
Year Lg Tm W L T Div. Finish Playoffs PF PA PD Coaches AV Passer Rusher Receiver Pts Yds Pts Yds T/G Pts± Yds± out of MoV SoS SRS OSRS DSRS
1929NFLBuffalo Bisons17110th of 1248142-94Jolley91101110112-10.40.4-10.0-4.7-5.3
1927NFLBuffalo Bisons05012th of 128123-115Batterson121121112112-23.0-2.2-25.2-8.1-17.1
1926NFLBuffalo Rangers4429th of 225362-9Kendrick141101110122-0.9-0.9-1.8-2.80.9
1925NFLBuffalo Bisons16215th of 2033113-80Koppisch161161115120-8.92.4-6.5-4.5-2.0
1924NFLBuffalo Bisons6509th of 18120140-20Hughitt61111110118-1.8-10.6-12.4-6.1-6.4
1923NFLBuffalo All-Americans5438th of 20944351Hughitt9151161204.3-0.53.7-2.05.7
1922NFLBuffalo All-Americans5419th of 18874146Hughitt9141161184.61.76.3-0.26.5
1921APFABuffalo All-Americans9122nd of 2121129182Hughitt21111112115.2-
1920APFABuffalo All-Americans9113rd of 1425832226Hughitt11311111420.5-7.912.67.74.9