Team Results

Team Results Table
Year Tm Lg Job Title W L T W-L% W plyf L plyf Playoff Result
1992New England PatriotsNFLDirector of College Scouting2140.12500
1993New England PatriotsNFLDirector of Player Personnel5110.31300
1994New England PatriotsNFLDirector of Player Personnel1060.62501Lost WC
2000St. Louis RamsNFLGeneral Manager1060.62501Lost WC
2001St. Louis RamsNFLGeneral Manager1420.87521Lost SB
2002St. Louis RamsNFLGeneral Manager790.43800
2003St. Louis RamsNFLGeneral Manager1240.75001Lost Div
2004St. Louis RamsNFLGeneral Manager880.50011Lost Div
2005St. Louis RamsNFLGeneral Manager6100.37500
Total9 Years7470035
New England Patriots1992-19941731001
St. Louis Rams2000-20055739034