Starters Table
Pos Player Age Yrs GS Summary of Player Stats Drafted (tm/rnd/yr)
Offensive Starters
QBBilly Wade341010182 for 327, 1,944 yards, 13 td, 14 int, & 24 rushes for 96 yards and 1 td
FBJoe Marconi308746 rushes for 98 yards, 2 td, & 20 catches for 181 yards and 3 td
FLJohnny Morris+2961493 catches for 1,200 yards, 10 td
TEMike Ditka*+2531475 catches for 897 yards, 5 td
LERich Kreitling2851220 catches for 185 yards, 2 td
LTHerman Lee33714
LGTed Karras30614
CMike Pyle253101 fumble recovered
RGJim Cadile24214
RTBob Wetoska27414
Defensive Starters
LDEDick Evey23Rook110 interceptions, 4 fumbles recovered
LDTStan Jones331013
RDTEarl Leggett317140 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
RDEDoug Atkins341111
LLBJoe Fortunato*+349130 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
MLBBill George351282 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
RLBLarry Morris31970 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
LCBBennie McRae252142 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered
RCBDave Whitsell286142 interceptions, 3 fumbles recovered
SSRichie Petitbon265140 interceptions, 2 fumbles recovered
FSRosey Taylor273142 interceptions, 1 fumble recovered